Carvedilol ATC Code C07AG02 : Cardiovascular system - Beta blocking agents - Beta blocking agents - Alpha and beta blocking agents - Carvedilol
Pregnancy categoryC
FDA Approval Date1995-10-14
Molecular Weight406.47424 g/mol
Molecular FormulaC24H26N2O4
CAS Number72956-09-3
Carvedilol 3D

Carvedilol list of brand/trade names

  • United States: Coreg and Coreg CR
  • United Kingdom: Carvedilol Aurobindo
  • Germany: Carve-Q, Carvedigamma, Carvedilol - 1 A Pharma, Carvedilol AbZ, Carvedilol AL, Carvedilol dura, Carvedilol HEXAL, Carvedilol STADA, Carvedilol-CT, Carvedilol-ratiopharm, Carvedilol-Teva, Dilatrend, Dimetil and Querto
  • France: Carvédilol Biogaran, Carvédilol EG, Carvédilol Mylan, Carvédilol Pfizer, Carvédilol Teva, Carvédilol Winthrop and Kredex
  • Spain: Carvedilol Almus, Carvedilol Alter, Carvedilol Bexal, Carvedilol Bexalabs, Carvedilol Cinfa, Carvedilol Edigen, Carvedilol Farmabion, Carvedilol Kern Pharma, Carvedilol Korhispana, Carvedilol Normon, Carvedilol Pharmacia, Carvedilol Pharmagenus, Carvedilol Ratiopharm, Carvedilol Sandoz, Carvedilol Tecnigen, Carvédilol Teva, Carvedilol Ur, Carvedilol Zentiva, Coropres, Normotride and Palacimol
  • Italy: Caravel, Carvedilolo Actavis, Carvedilolo Almus, Carvedilolo Alter, Carvedilolo Angenerico, Carvedilolo Arrow, Carvedilolo AWP, Carvedilolo DOC, Carvedilolo EG, Carvedilolo FG, Carvedilolo Germed, Carvedilolo Hexal, Carvedilolo Mylan, Carvedilolo Pensa, Carvedilolo Pfizer, Carvedilolo Ranbaxy, Carvedilolo ratiopharm, Carvedilolo Sandoz, Carvedilolo Teva, Carvedilolo Winthrop, Carvedilolo Zentiva, Carvipress, Colver, Curcix, Dilatrend, Dilatrend Bb Farma, Omeria and Trakor
  • Canada: Carvedilol Sanis Health and RAN-Carvedilol
  • Russia: Acridilole, Carvedigamma, Carvedilol Vertekc and Vedicardol
  • Australia: Apo-Carvedilol, Carvedilol Sandoz, Chemmart Carvedilol, Dicarz, Dilasig, Dilatrend, GenRX Carvedilol, GN-Carvedilol, Terry White Chemists Carvedilol and Vedilol
  • Brazil: Cardilol, Coreg, Dilatrend, Divelol and Ictus
  • Netherlands: Carived, Carvedilol Actavis, Carvedilol Apotex, Carvedilol Arrow, Carvedilol Aurobindo, Carvedilol CF, Carvédilol Mylan, Carvedilol PCH, Carvédilol Pfizer, Carvedilol Ratiopharm, Carvedilol Sandoz and Eucardic
  • Poland: Atram, Avedol, Carvedigamma, Carvedilol Orion, Carvédilol Pfizer, Carvédilol Teva, Carvedilol-ratiopharm, Carvetrend, Coryol, Dilatrend, Hypoten, Karvidil, Karwedilol Egis, Symtrend and Vivacor
  • Belgium: Carvédilol EG, Carvédilol Mylan, Carvedilol Sandoz, Carvédilol Teva, Dimitone and Kredex
  • Denmark: Carvedilol Aurobindo, Carvedilol EQL Pharma, Carvedilol HEXAL, Carvedilol KRKA, Carvedilol PCD and Carvédilol Teva
  • Finland: Cardiol and Carvedilol Orion Pharma
  • Greece: Carvedilen, Carvedilol Generis, Carvepen and Dilatrend
  • India: Carelol, Carloc, Carvejohn, Carvetrend, Carvil, Caslot, Cevas, Oricar and Vasicard
  • Ireland: Eucardic
  • Norway: Carvedilol, Carvedilol Aurobindo and Carvedilol HEXAL
  • Portugal: Carvedilol Actavis, Carvedilol Arrowblue, Carvedilol Aurobindo, Carvedilol Azevedos, Carvedilol Ciclum, Carvedilol Cinfa, Carvedilol Coronat, Carvedilol Dinertone, Carvedilol Farmoz, Carvedilol Generis, Carvedilol Germed, Carvedilol GP, Carvedilol Jaba, Carvedilol Labesfal, Carvédilol Mylan, Carvedilol Parke-Davis, Carvedilol Ratiopharm, Carvedilol Sandoz, Carvedilol Tecnimede, Carvédilol Teva, Carvedilol Vedivril and Dilbloc
  • Sweden: Carvedilol Aurobindo, Carvedilol EQL Pharma, Carvedilol HEXAL, Carvedilol Orion Pharma, Carvédilol Teva, Carveratio and Kredex
  • Switzerland: Carvedilol Helvepharm, Carvedilol Sandoz, Carvedilol Spirig HC, Carvedilol-Mepha and Carvedilol-Teva
  • Indonesia: Blorec, Carbloxal and V-Bloc
  • Turkey: Arlec, Calbicor, Carvesan, Carvexal, Coronis, Dilatrend and Kinetra

ATC Codes

  1. Alimentary tract and metabolisma
  2. Blood and blood forming organs
  3. Cardiovascular system
  4. Dermatological drugs
  5. Genitourinary system and reproductive hormones
  6. Systemic hormonal preparations, excluding reproductive hormones and insulins
  7. Antiinfectives for systemic use
  8. Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
  9. Musculoskeletal system
  10. Nervous system
  11. Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents
  12. Respiratory system
  13. Sensory organs
  14. Various ATC structures

The newly added categories

  1. Minoxidil
  2. Diclofenac
  3. Mecillinam
  4. Tofisopam
  5. Medazepam
  6. Chlordiazepoxide
  7. Diazepam
  8. Bacampicillin
  9. Pivmecillinam
  10. Tigecycline