Desloratadine ATC Code R06AX27 : Respiratory system - Antihistamines for systemic use - Antihistamines for systemic use - Other antihistamines for systemic use - Desloratadine
Pregnancy categoryC
FDA Approval Date2001-12-21
EMA Approval Date2001-01-15
Molecular Weight310.82056 g/mol
Molecular FormulaC19H19ClN2
CAS Number100643-71-8
Desloratadine 3D

Desloratadine list of brand/trade names

  • United States: Clarinex
  • United Kingdom: Desloratadine Actavis, Desloratadine Consilient and Neoclarityn
  • Germany: Aerius, Dasselta, Desloraderm, Desloratadin - 1 A Pharma, Desloratadin AbZ, Desloratadin AL, Desloratadin HEXAL, Desloratadin Stada and Desloratadine ratiopharm
  • France: Aerius, Desloratadine Actavis, Desloratadine Biogaran, Desloratadine EG, Desloratadine GNR, Desloratadine Mylan, Desloratadine PHR Lab, Desloratadine Ranbaxy and Desloratadine Zentiva
  • Spain: Aerius, Aerius BCNFarma, Aerius Gervasi and Azomyr
  • Italy: Aerius, Azomyr, Desloratadin Zentiva, Desloratadina Doc Generici, Desloratadina EG, Desloratadina Germed, Desloratadina Mylan Generics, Desloratadina Ratiopharm, Desloratadina Sandoz and Efestad
  • Canada: Aerius and Aerius Kids
  • Russia: Aerius and Lordestin
  • Australia: Aerius
  • Brazil: Desalex
  • Netherlands: Aerius, Azomyr, Dasselta, Deslorasam, Desloratadine Actavis, Desloratadine Apotex, Desloratadine Archie Samuel, Desloratadine CF, Desloratadine Disphar, Desloratadine Glenmark, Desloratadine Mylan, Desloratadine ratiopharm, Desloratadine Sandoz, Desloratadine Teva, Lodesdineta and Neoclarityn
  • Poland: Aerius, Clarderin, Dehistar, Deloriar, Delortan, Denovals, Desada, Deslix, Deslodyna, Desloraphar, Desloratadine +pharma, Desloratadine Arrow, Desloratadine Farmaprojects, Desloratadine Labormed, Desloratadine Lupin, Desloratadine Mylan, Desloratadine Peseri, Desloratadine PMCS, Desloratadyna Actavis, Desloratadyna Apotex, Dynid, Goldesin, Hitaxa, Jovesto, Lordestin, Lorinespes, Metlox, Pylodes, Rodispes, Sigtalaz, Suprodeslon, Symdes, Tahistol and Yosqiero
  • Belgium: Aerius, Desloratadin Sandoz, Desloratadine Apotex, Desloratadine EG and Desloratadine Teva
  • Denmark: Aerius, Dasselta, Desloratadin Glenmark, Desloratadine Actavis, Desloratadine Sandoz and Desloratadine Teva
  • Finland: Aerius and Dasselta
  • Greece: Aerius, Azomyr and Neoclarityn
  • India: Allerde, Delorta, Des, Dexly, Dilora, Neoloridin-Rapi and Otrivin-Alert
  • Ireland: Neoclarityn
  • Norway: Aerius
  • Portugal: Aerius, Azomyr, Denovals, Desloratadina Actavis, Desloratadina Alvogen, Desloratadina Bravet, Desloratadina Cinfa, Desloratadina Farmoz, Desloratadina Generis, Desloratadina Germed, Desloratadina Krka, Desloratadina Labesfal, Desloratadina Labormed, Desloratadina Lupin, Desloratadina Medimpex, Desloratadina Mepha, Desloratadina Mylan, Desloratadina Pharmakern, Desloratadina Ratiopharm, Desloratadina Sandoz, Desloratadina Tarole, Desloratadina Teva, Desloratadina Tirade, Desloratadina Tolife, Desloratadina Wynn, Goldesin, Neoclarityn and Suprodeslon
  • Sweden: Aerius, Desloratadin Mylan, Desloratadin Stada, Desloratadine Actavis, Desloratadine ratiopharm, Desloratadine Sandoz and Desloratadine Teva
  • Switzerland: Aerius, Desloratadin Actavis, Desloratadin Helvepharm, Desloratadin Spirig HC, Desloratadin-Mepha and Desloratadine Sandoz
  • Indonesia: Aerius
  • Turkey: Aerius, Alores, Alrinast, Axivol, Deloday, Des-Fix, Deslodin, Desnorm, Desrinal, Doxafin and Lordes

ATC Codes

  1. Alimentary tract and metabolisma
  2. Blood and blood forming organs
  3. Cardiovascular system
  4. Dermatological drugs
  5. Genitourinary system and reproductive hormones
  6. Systemic hormonal preparations, excluding reproductive hormones and insulins
  7. Antiinfectives for systemic use
  8. Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
  9. Musculoskeletal system
  10. Nervous system
  11. Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents
  12. Respiratory system
  13. Sensory organs
  14. Various ATC structures

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